Avigation Easement Purchase Option

This option will be offered to those homes that have the interior noise testing conducted, but do not qualify for the sound insulation option. All eligible homeowners will have the option to select the purchase of an Avigation Easement over their parcel of land.

The value of the Avigation Easement has been determined to be $2,000. All participants in this Program option will receive the same monetary value in exchange for granting a permanent Avigation Easement to the Chicago Executive Airport.

If the homeowner is eligible, and chooses this option, the following steps will be followed:

  1. A title search of the property will be conducted by the Program to determine parties listed on the current deed.
  2. All individuals listed on the deed will be required to sign:
    • The Participant Authorization Agreement
    • The Avigation Easement

The above-mentioned documents are available on the website – –– QuieterHome® for review, prior to signing.

After the title search is complete and the required documentation has been signed, a check request will be submitted. The check will be made payable to all individuals listed on the current deed.

The Avigation Easement will be recorded with Cook County at the time of the presentation of the check.

NOTE: This process could take up to 12 months from start to completion (check being released).