Program Overview

To view the overview presentation from the initial public information session, please click here

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has determined that certain homes around Chicago Executive Airport-PWK may be eligible for sound insulation improvements to minimize aircraft noise inside the home. Chicago Executive Airport, working with the FAA and C&S Engineers, created the QuieterHome® Program to administer these improvements.

The program offers eligible participants sound-insulation improvements to reduce aircraft-generated noise within the home. Depending on interior noise levels within individual homes, the improvements may include new acoustical windows, prime and storm doors, and, in certain cases, a new continuous positive ventilation system. Acoustical noise testing will be conducted in each home to determine eligibility. The testing will be conducted inside and outside the home.

How it Works

Program Funding

The FAA and Chicago Executive Airport fund the entire cost. The FAA’s portion to fund the Program is 90%; the remaining being funded by Chicago Executive Airport. PWK user fees pay for Chicago Executive Airport’s share of the program cost. Importantly, no general tax dollars are used to pay for this program.


Eligibility is determined by the federal government through the FAA, based on the level of aircraft noise impacting the home. The program is implemented in groups based on available funding. If you have questions on program eligibility, please contact the project manager at the number listed below.

Project Office

The QuieterHome® Program has set up a project office where we will have displays of sound insulation products to allow visitors to see and touch many of the materials utilized in the program. The project office, located at 204 Industrial Lane, Wheeling IL, is open to the public by appointment only. Please call for an appointment to visit the display room and meet with project staff.

Contact Us

If you have additional questions, or would like more information, please contact the QuieterHome® Program’s Project Manager, Penny Merritt, at (847) 947-8392.