How the Program Works

Acoustical Treatments

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has determined that certain homes around Chicago Executive Airport may be eligible for sound insulation improvements to minimize aircraft noise inside the home. Chicago Executive Airport, working with the FAA and C&S Engineers, created the QuieterHome®
Program to administer these improvements.

The technical goals of the sound insulation option program are defined in FAA Order 5100.38D, Airport Improvement Program Handbook.  There are two goals that FAA has established for Airport Improvement Program eligibility criteria:

  • “The target noise level for the interior habitable area is a DNL (Day Night Average Sound Level) of 45 dB (decibels) . . . “, and
  • Since it takes an improvement of at least 5 dB in NLR (Noise Level Reduction) to be perceptible to the average person, any residential noise insulation project should be designed to provide at least that increase in NLR as a marginal minimum.”

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), who provides 90% of the funding for the Program, has informed PWK that in order for a home to qualify for the sound insulation option, the interior noise level must be at or greater than Day-Night Sound level (DNL) 45 decibels (dB).

According to the AIP Handbook (5100.38D), the NLR, which is required to meet the Program goals for residential structures exposed to aircraft DNL values of 65 to 75 dB, can be achieved with some combination of window and door replacement, ceiling insulation, caulking, weather stripping, and central air ventilation systems.  Therefore, acoustical treatments to be used through the program include, but are not limited to:

  1. Windows
  2. Doors
  3. HVAC Modifications
  4. Electrical Modifications
  5. Miscellaneous Treatments

The Program will provide homeowners with color choices for their window selections.  The existing window styles will be matched.  There may be individual circumstances, due to manufacturing restrictions with sizing, where existing styles may not be able to be matched.  Homeowners will be given several style choices for prime and storm doors.

Design Assessments

We will conduct design assessments of all qualifying homes.  This will consist of gathering data regarding existing conditions of the home, for example:

  • Number and styles of windows and doors
  • Materials of existing windows
  • Type of heating/air-conditioning system and age of the system
  • Viewing existing electrical
  • Verifying insulation in attic

During the assessment visit, the Team will sketch a floor plan of the home, identifying window and door placements, furnace/air conditioning locations, etc.

During the assessment visit, the Team will identify any apparent pre-construction issues within the home.  These issues may include, but are not limited to: security systems, structural deficiencies and/or possible Local and National Building Code violations. The homeowner may have to correct or
rectify these issues before construction can begin.

The design assessment team will develop a design package based on the information collected at the assessment.

The design package will consist of:

  • Recommended Scope of Work
  • Floor plans
  • Window and door schedules
  • Mechanical and electrical schedules - when applicable

The entire assessment visit will take approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours per residence.

The design package will contain other design information describing the treatments necessary to achieve the acoustical goals of the Program.

Program Representatives will meet with each homeowner to discuss and explain the recommended treatment package.  Window and door styles/colors will be finalized during this visit.  The design package is then reviewed by PWK for final approval.  Upon acceptance of the design package, homeowners will be required to sign the Design Package.

Development of Technical Specifications and Bid Documents

Once all the Design Packages have been approved by PWK, C&S Engineers will develop technical specifications and bid documents.  These bid documents will be presented to PWK for final review.

The bid documents will go out for public bid.  Reputable contractors that meet the bidding and bonding requirements will be able to place bids of the proposed homes for sound insulation.


The contractor(s) that is awarded the bid by PWK will conduct the following tasks, with each homeowner, prior to construction:

  • Conduct final measurement visits for product ordering purposes
  • Finalize window and door selections
  • Finalize color selections
  • Review HVAC locations (if applicable)
  • Review any proposed electrical modifications (if applicable)

Typically when the contractor orders the products, the lead time is anywhere from 8-12 weeks for delivery.

Contractor(s) will develop a construction schedule based on the delivery of products.  Homeowners will be notified at least two weeks prior to the construction starting on their individual homes.


The construction period is typically 6 days for completion.  When the contractor begins the work on your home, they will have 6 consecutive days to complete all the work.

During the course of the construction:

  • The contractors and any of their  work crew are required to provide care while in each home;
    i.e.; provide floor coverings to all rooms in the home, during the entire work period
  • Cleaning up at the end of each work day, ensuring that the interior/exterior of the home is left
    in the same condition it was when they arrived
  • Working a regular schedule – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – Monday through Friday

During the entire construction process, the Program requires that a Construction Inspector visit each home under construction a minimum of twice per day.

If any issues arise during construction; i.e.; the homeowner isn’t satisfied with the way the work is being done, etc. we ask that you contact C&S Engineers, Inc. immediately and a representative will arrive to evaluate the situation.

Prior to the last scheduled work day at each home, the contractor, along with the homeowner and C&S will conduct a final walk-through to ensure that all product/work is satisfactory.


Each homeowner will be provided with a Warranty Package at the conclusion of construction.  The Warranty Package will include contractor(s) names, addresses and phone numbers, as well as all manufacturers’ information.

Every participating homeowner will have a one-year workmanship warranty through the contractor.  This warranty begins the final day of construction.  The one-year workmanship warranty covers any follow up repair work on any work the contractor conducted during the construction period.

Following the one-year workmanship warranty, the manufacturers’ warranties will be in place for the period specified by each individual manufacturer.

NOTE:  This process typically takes 12 months from start to completion (design assessment through construction completion).